Wait for me - Bad Mad Dangerous

His name was Carlo, his eyes sparkling with a thousand untold tales. A man of few words, his intense gaze revealed his longing, a desire to always remain within my sight, to keep me forever close to his heart. Yet, on that starlit night, I couldn’t offer the love he so earnestly sought, a love that later bore the cold, harsh touch of regret.

Our final evening was etched with a bitter quarrel, a moment of fleeting unfaithfulness that plunged a dagger deep into our bond. That was the devastating night when Carlo was taken from us, torn from this world, leaving behind an abyss of guilt and sorrow that no words could ever hope to fill. In the silence that followed, I yearned for a second chance, an opportunity to undo the grievous mistakes, to reclaim the moments lost in time.

Carlo had a profound affection for his motorbike, a piece of machinery that seemed an extension of his vibrant soul, and the captivating allure of the night. Every night, as the world succumbed to darkness, he would race against the moon and the stars, his laughter echoing amidst the whispering silence, a melodious symphony against the hushed backdrop. That fateful night, fear ensnared my heart as I saw him rev his bike, ready to plunge into the blackened abyss. I pleaded with every fibre of my being, but my cries were swept away by the wind, drowned by the roaring engine.

Carlo’s love for me was steadfast, an unwavering beacon in the tumultuous storm of life. He’d declared with an earnest sincerity that I was the one he wanted to share his life with, the one he’d unconditionally give his heart to. His words echoed in the vast emptiness left by his sudden departure, each one a painful reminder of a love that remained unreciprocated, a love that was lost amidst the chaos of life. I prayed fervently for his safety, his life, a desperate plea that ricocheted off the silent walls, unanswered.

Carlo’s life was a vibrant canvas, filled with a mesmerizing openness that was both captivating and intimidating. But it was his undying love, a love that remained unreturned until his last breath, that filled me with a profound sense of regret and loss. His words, his cherished memories, and his enduring love lingered in the quietude of the night, a solemn, haunting reminder of a prematurely severed bond. As the sharp claws of regret gnawed at my heart, I found myself whispering into the chilling wind, “Carlo, I hope you know the depths of my remorse, the intensity of my longing. Please, wait for me at Heaven’s Gate.”

Lord Byron