Test of Testosterone - Mad Bad Dangerous To Know

The story of Thomas, the selfless monk, took an extraordinary twist when he decided to participate in an experiment proposed by Stanford University. This humble servant of the monastery had volunteered for a renovation project that would earn $50,000, a sum he viewed not as a personal reward but as a means to enhance the holy dwelling. His quiet life of spiritual devotion was about to face a profound trial.

The researchers from Stanford had an ambitious objective: to study the effects of testosterone on human self-control, and Thomas willingly became their subject. Following his consent, the experiment began. Thomas was administered weekly testosterone injections over a period of eight weeks. As the injections started to take effect, he experienced an internal transformation. His mind became filled with lustful thoughts, provoking a struggle he had never encountered before in his disciplined, monastic life.

Every night was a personal battlefield. Thomas tossed and turned in his bed, grappling with desires his previous self would have found unthinkable. Even the images of the saints that graced the monastery walls, which had always been a source of spiritual solace, turned into triggers of sinful thoughts.

The day of the final test arrived. Thomas found himself standing in a laboratory with two doors before him. One door led to a chapel, a haven of prayer and sanctity that had always been his refuge. The other door opened to a room where a beautiful woman, an escort, was waiting in a bed, an embodiment of the physical desires that had been tormenting him.

Thomas stood between these two doors, his forehead beading with sweat. The sight of the chapel door reminded him of his vows, his faith, his dedication, while the other door seemed to embody the physical desires that had been awakened in him. He was filled with a maelstrom of emotions – desire, guilt, fear, and a deep commitment to his principles.

The experiment was more than just about Thomas. It aimed to explore the power of will, the intricacies of human nature, and the role of physiological changes in our decision-making process. The world watched, captivated, as a simple monk wrestled with a dilemma of epic proportions.

And so, Thomas made his choice. Standing in the hallway, caught between his faith and his newfound desires, Thomas took a deep breath, clenched his fists, and extended his hand…

Which door do you think he chose?

Lord Byron