Spectral Love - Bad Mad Dangerous

n the annals of extraordinary love stories, singer Brocarde has secured a chapter of her own. She found herself back on the market after an unconventional marriage with a ghost, Edwardo, a Victorian soldier known for his rugged charm and inconsistent moods.

Their unique love saga took a downturn during the honeymoon in Barry Island, Wales. Bizarrely, Edwardo, despite being a specter, indulged in spirits of a different kind. Edwardo’s moods swung wildly, creating an ambiance that was sometimes “warm and intense,” but other times disturbingly threatening.

More peculiar was Edwardo’s fascination with Marilyn Monroe. Brocarde couldn’t ignore the scent of Chanel No.5 clinging to him post-mysterious absences, indicative of his spectral escapades. His haunting method of choice, the eerie wail of a baby, provided more chill than thrill.

Exasperated, Brocarde had to part ways with Edwardo. She exorcised him from her mind since spectral relationship counseling was unfortunately not available in her vicinity. The split was made public through her song, an unprecedented spectral breakup anthem.

So, if you’re tempted by a ghostly romance, consider Brocarde’s tale. While an ethereal partner may save on dinner costs and hog less of the bed, they might develop an unsettling obsession with deceased Hollywood starlets and display a knack for spooky soundtracks. It appears that love might be blind but it certainly isn’t deaf to the ghostly echoes of a phantom baby monitor.

Lord Byron