Branded - Lord Byron's Contributions

John was a man who took brand consciousness to a whole new level; he was obsessed. He prided himself on owning the latest designer clothes, the fanciest gadgets, and the most luxurious cars. His prized possession, however, was his brand-new Porsche 911 Carrera. It was his dream car, a symbol of his success and status.

One sunny afternoon, John decided to take his beloved Porsche for a spin. He reveled in the attention it garnered as he cruised through the streets. But his obsession with perfection had him constantly checking the car’s shine and ensuring not a single scratch marred its flawless exterior.

As he sped down the highway, lost in thoughts of his Porsche’s sleek lines and powerful engine, he failed to notice the abrupt stop ahead. With a deafening crash, John’s world turned upside down as his Porsche collided with another vehicle. Glass shattered, metal crunched, and the airbags deployed.

Dazed and disoriented, John crawled out of the wreckage. But instead of worrying about his own well-being, his eyes fixated on his mangled Porsche. He couldn’t believe the sight before him – his beloved car was now a twisted wreck.

In a panic, he rushed to the driver’s side door, attempting to open it, but it was jammed. It was then that he noticed his expensive, brand-new glasses lying on the dashboard, crushed by the impact. His lamentations intensified as he realized his prized eyewear was destroyed.

As John mourned his car and glasses, the sound of approaching sirens grew louder. A concerned police officer rushed to the scene and found John sitting amidst the wreckage, seemingly unfazed by his injuries.

“Sir, are you alright?” the officer asked, noticing blood and shock on John’s face.

John finally turned his attention away from his shattered glasses and replied, “I’m devastated! Look what happened to my Porsche!”

The officer looked puzzled and then pointed to John’s left side. “Sir, your left arm has completely been ripped off!”

John stared in disbelief at his missing arm, his face contorted in shock. After a moment of silence, he let out a heart-wrenching scream, “I lost my Rolex!”

Lord Byron