A disappointed donkey - Lord Byron's Contributions

Many years ago, a farmer and his wife relied on their two donkeys to tend to their fields. Of the two, Aerial had always yearned for something more— a spot between the farmer and his wife in their cozy bed, just like Mary the cat had. To earn this special place, Aerial worked twice as hard, eventually causing the farmer’s wife to suggest selling the other donkey to buy more seed for better crops.

As the crops grew more bountiful, Aerial’s workload doubled. Not only did he continue to work in his own field, but the farmer also rented him out to other farms. Despite his exhaustion, Aerial persevered, believing his efforts would endear him to his humans.

Soon, the farmer and his wife began to enjoy luxuries. They had meat twice a week, and even Mary enjoyed fresh fish. But Aerial? He continued to receive only his usual supply of hay. Frustrated, he decided it was time for drastic action. “Humans aren’t particularly smart,” he reasoned.

One evening, he daintily wiped his hooves and strolled into the kitchen. With a loving bray, he awaited the embrace he felt he had earned. Instead, the farmer’s wife shrieked and chased him out with a broom. “Get out, dirty animal!” she yelled.

Aerial stood outside, his heart sinking as he realized his dream had been futile. The next morning, panic erupted. “Pack your things, the Romans are coming!” the farmer screamed. He tried to move Aerial, but the donkey stood his ground. “Run! Run!” the farmer urged.

In that moment, Aerial understood. He was born a donkey, would live the life of a donkey, and would always be considered a donkey. Why run? The Romans would treat him the same as the farmer. All his efforts and dreams had been futile for to the world he was a donkey and a donkey he would remain.

Lord Byron